Sylvia Wels, MBA

Sylvia Wels, MBA
Country of Origin
The Netherlands
By Appointment

Sylvia was born in Zeist and is still living there with her family. You would think she doesn't have a lot of international experience, but marrying a Pakistani husband made her life international. They have an 11 year old son and they visit their family regularly. For Pakistan they set up their own foundation Sam2grow (School for applied Microfinance) to achieve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. With her husband they organize Business golf for local entrepreneurs. More than 40 small businesses praticipate in the network. Besides this she studied classical music for ten years (coloratura soprano) and she's interested in art and culture.


At the Christelijke Lyceum in Zeist she completed secondary education with pre-university lever. She studied biology and environmental studies and worked for 28 years as an environmental consultant, process manager of transition processes, senior policy specialist and group coordinator coaching 6 professionals for an environmental department in Utrecht. In this period she was a chairman of the working group 'culture change', during organizational development process that has led to the drawing up of a Balanced Scorecard. Besides that she worked as a manager in her own ict company. Continuous change made her write a lean business plan, financial plan and strategic human resource planning for this company. After a job change she started working as a change manager and teacher at the Waldorfschool in Zeist. She wrote in cooperation with the daily management a change plan and finished her MBA with a research in confidence in leadership in relation the the change readiness of the employees. Since 2013 she is engaged in a PhD research into normative professionalization. She is a member of the SIOO platform for scientist who work on dissertation on topics as leadership and professional development in the public sector, (HBO) education and healthcare. She is still working on her thesis.

Expertise / Subjects
Personal Leadership
Strategic Human Resource Management
Management of Change
Business Processes
Management and Organization
Normative Professionalization
Strategy and Environment
Art Based Learning