Sven Willemsen MSc, MBM

Sven Willemsen MSc, MBM
Country of Origin

The Netherlands

By appointment

Sven Willemsen, MSc, MBM, has been an entrepreneur for many years in sports, health and the creative industries. He is a formal part-time research programme manager, brand researcher and international media and brand lecturer at the HU University of Applied Sciences. As an independent (online) brand & marketing strategist he worked for various corporates, brand agencies, SMEs and funded start-ups mainly related to the creative, sports and health industries. He holds a master's in cultural psychology and brand management. Sven has studied and published on city, region and cluster brand management within the area of green economics. He is interested in sports, (digital) brands, marketing, media, psychology, economics, innovation, tech, business and law (IP/sports). His key business orientations are Europe & Brazil.

Expertise / Subjects
Sports Business & Management, Marketing, Social Media, Strategic Brand Management, Digital Marketing & Communication, Innovation & Change.