Semester or Top-Up International Business Administration in London

Course Details
Course Name

International Business Administration Semester / Top-Up

Course Type

Semester Study or Bachelor (Final Year Top-up degree)

Course Sector

Business & Finance, Hospitality & Tourism, Sports & Service Management

Course Duration

6 weeks - 12 months (Depending on study programme chosen)


Between 10 EC (1 block) and 60 EC (6 blocks)

Entry Points Per Year

6 x entry per year possible

Next Starting Date(s)
26 August 2019, 14 October 2019, 03 December ...MORE DATES
Degree or Qualification

Certificate or Bachelors (Hons) BBA


London Only

Tuition Fee

£1250.- (GBP) per block / £7500.- (GBP) full year

Semester Programme

Wittenborg University LondonWittenborg in London offers the opportunity to study a semester programme of 1, 2 or 3 blocks (6-18 weeks).

Students can pick and choose when to start and when to finish.

We have 6 blocks a year each with two modules, equal to 10 European Credits / 20 UK CATS

IBA Top-Up Bachelors in London

The BBA Top-Up Programme in International Business Administration

Offering a balanced combination of three IBA pathways, Economics & Management, Marketing & Communication and Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Wittenborg offers Top-Up students, who have already gained 120 ECTS / 240 UK CATS a programme leading to a double accredited European BBA (Hons).

- Start when you like - 6 entry points per year -

This Final Year Top-up Programme covers many of the IBA fields however focuses on the management of core areas of business that are fundamental to the economics of the organisation, such as quality control and logistics as well as the comparative areas of financial management and business accountancy. 

This special programme is a combination of Wittenborg's IBA Economics & management, IBA Entrepreneurship & Small Business and IBA Marketing & Communication.

Modules offered per block / semester

  Subject /Module
  European Credits
  UK CATS Equivalent
  1   Cost Accounting & Management    5    10 
  1    International Labour Relations    5    10  
   - (seminar) Labour Negotiation & Work's Council    
  2    Business Plan London    4    8  
  2    Intercultural Business Communication for Managers    2    4  
  2    International Marketing for SMEs    4    8  
   - (seminar) International Marketing in Practice    
  3    Quality Management    5    10  
   - (seminar) Quality & Change: Auditing/Certification    
  3    Trademarks & Branding    5    10  
   - (seminar) Appreciative Inquiry    
  5    Advanced Corporate Strategy    5    10  
   - (seminar) Corporate Social Responsibility    
  5    Corporate Entrepreneurship    5    10  
  4    - (seminar) Corporate Social Responsibility    
  6    Strategic Marketing    5    10  
   - (seminar) Marketing in Turbulent Times    
  6    Entrepreneurship & Society    5    10  
   - (seminar) Entrepreneurs in Economic Downturn    
  7    Human Resource Management    5    10  
   - (seminar) Strategic Human Resources Management    
  7    International Trade    5    10  
   - (seminar) Containerization    
   Total Credits    60    120  

IBA Top-Up Graduation


 For Top-Up Students wishing to graduate in London and gain a WUAS BBA (Hons) degree the following modules must be completed, replacing 25 EC Credits / 50 CATS from the taught block modules
  European CreditsUK CATS Equivalent
3&6Research Methodology & Quantitative Methods510
n/aGraduation Assignment2040
 Total Credits for Graduation2550
 Total Credits for BBA (Hons) Top-Up60120


Entry Requirements (Top-Up Programme)

Entry Requirements Final Year Bachelors DegreeDirect Entry to IBA Final Year (Top-up) degree programmes (Advanced Placement)

Students with successful study experience equivalent to 160 European Credits (2 - 3 Years Higher Education) in a related business or economic field are able to enter directly into the IBA Final year programme in London (60 EC credits, 1 year).

The judgement of entry qualifications for non-Dutch applicants is based on NARIC - UK NARIC and / or  the Nuffic Country Modules and a Nuffic evaluation, if required. 

In some individual cases, the Graduation and Examination Board will also decide on entry based on credit transcripts and qualifications presented.


UK qualifications:

For top-up courses we can consider Higher National Diploma holders for entry into IBA Final Year (Top-up) degree programme depending on subjects studied..

Chinese Qualifications:

For top-up courses we can consider Dazhuan (Zhuanke - 3 year Diploma) holders for entry into the IBA Final Year (Top-up) degree programme if the Dazhuan has been completed in a field of Business & Economics.

Swiss Colleges:

Students transferring from Swiss Colleges will always be required to present their transcripts to the Graduation and Examination Board, through the admissions office at Wittenborg. The Graduation and Examination Board will make an independent decision on entry based on an individual students previous study.

English Language Requirements
IELTS 6 or TOEFL Equivalent. Click here for an overview of the equivalent scores.
TOEFL Code of Wittenborg is 4889.

NB: Students who receive Advanced Placement are not entitled to any Exemptions and applications for Exemptions to the Examination and Graduation Board will not be accepted.

Entry Requirements (Block & Semester Programme)

Students with successful study experience equivalent to at least 60 European Credits (1 Year of Higher Education) in a related business or economic field are eligible to joint the block or semester programme, studying up to 6 IBA modules within a 6 month period.

Students must show that they are currently registered as a student within a bachelor's degree programme anther 'home' (sending) university or college.

English Language Requirements
IELTS 6 or TOEFL Equivalent. Click here for an overview of the equivalent scores.
TOEFL Code of Wittenborg is 4889.