Sanne de Jong

Sanne de Jong
HR Officer
Country of Origin
Monday to Thursday

Sanne lives in Deventer. She was born in Alphen aan den Rijn. When she was 16 years old she moved to Deventer to live on her own. Her independent and inquisitively character made that possible.

She loves to be adventures and discover. She loves see the world. She drives motorcycle and participates in a variety of outside sport events. In winter she will go for snowboarding and in summer she will go for Diving.

She is very interested in what touches people. With her warm social character she can find her way to people’s heart.


While still finishing her middle school, she worked for Hogeschool Deventer. Which was based at the Nieuwe markt in Deventer at that time. She worked for the Housing department and as Front Desk assistant.

She started her Aviation study at Amsterdam because of her technical interest and the heart for flying. She became an On Board Courier. She has visited L.A. Mexico city, Sao Paulo, Helsinki, Budapest, Johannesburg, Beijing, Tokyo and lots of other cities. She got to see all sorts of people around the world. In the mean time she shifted her study to HRM because of her interest in people management and got her Bachelor degree.

Sanne her goal is to create awareness and room for personal growth in organizations. As HR officer at Wittenborg University she will take care of all topics what comes to mind. All questions are welcome!

Expertise / Subjects
Quality management
Talent management
Change management