Sanjay Shrestha, IMBA, MSc

Sanjay Shrestha, IMBA, MSc, ICT Database Administrator

ICT Database Administrator

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Sanjay Shrestha, IMBA, MSc, is originally from Nepal and moved to the Netherlands to do his MBA course at Wittenborg in 2006. After successfully finishing his studies, Sanjay started to work at Sun Microsystems Inc. (now acquired by Oracle) in 2008 as a compensation analyst for the European hub, mainly responsible for the German sector. Sanjay gained extensive knowledge in business analysis & process improvement, financial analysis and sales architecture during his tenure at Sun Microsystems. Sanjay joined Wittenborg as a full-time employee in 2018. He is mainly responsible for the database administration for students, weekly statistics data reporting and timetable management.

Expertise / Subjects

Database Administration

Financial Analysis

Change Management

Process Improvement

Business Development