Samantha Birdsall

Samantha Birdsall
Management Support team
Country of Origin
Dutch, English & Swiss
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Samantha is born and raised in the Netherlands. Her mother is Dutch and her father is English and Swiss. She speaks Dutch and English fluently. She has been in international environments all her life. Her father married her Chinese stepmother and she has been surrounded by international students for most of her childhood. She lives in Bathmen with her fiancee.


After secondry school Samantha attended the ROC and qualified as a Social Worker, but she wanted more. So in 2013 she started at Saxion in Deventer to become a primairy school teacher. She hopes to graduate in 2017. After that she will be looking at a life full of education, for her but even more so for the students of the future. Her job at Wittenborg is the first job that doesn't contain doing the dishes or working the cash register. She does a lot of administrative work. She works a lot from home.

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