Sam M. Pour PhD

Sam M. Pour PhD
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Sam M. Pour PhD, completing his PhD from Eastern Mediterranean University in Industrial Engineering: Operation Research & Optimisation. He is an academician/field expert who values continuous learning as a researcher, applying knowledge as field expert and transferring it as lecturer. He has studied both Industrial Engineering and Facility, and Real Estate Management, specialised in a systematic approach to problem-solving and Smart Solutions & Technologies. His solutions in Business Analysis, Operation Management, and Strategic Supply Chain Management have helped organisations to enhance the performance, effectiveness, and productivity of their activities. He is best known for his skills in explaining sophisticated issues in an easy to understand form, thinking out of the box, handling multiple tasks, and a high degree of cultural awareness and conflict-reconciliation skills in the working environment.

  • A hybrid simple additive weighting model for uncertain multi-criteria facilities location problem considering managerial constraints: case study of glass production industries, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Elsevier (2018 - under review).
  • Congested capacitated multi-level fuzzy facility location problem: an efficient drone delivery system, Computers and Operations Research, Elsevier (2018 - Accepted).
  • A hybrid solution approach for fuzzy multi-objective dual supplier and material selection problem of carton box production systems, Journal of Expert Systems, Wiley (2018).
  • A study of a robust multi-objective supplier-material selection problem, IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, Oxford Academic (2018).
  • Mobil robot scheduling for cycle time optimisation in flow-shop cells, a case study, Journal of Production Engineering, Springer (2018).
  • A Two-Phase Optimisation Approach for Reducing the Size of the Cutting Problem in the Box-Production Industry: A Case Study, Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering,
  • Simultaneous selection of material and supplier under uncertainty in carton box industries: a fuzzy possibilistic multi-criteria approach, Soft Computing, Springer (2017).
  • A New Approach to optimise a Flexible Manufacturing Cell, Conference Paper, Eastern Mediterranean University (2013).
Expertise / Subjects
Commercial Real Estate Management, Facilities Management & Commercial Properties, Operations Management, Sustainable Real Estate Management.