The Research Centre

Applied Research at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

The University has a team of professionals and researchers based at the Innovation and Research Centre. This team develops new and existing business and operations through a centre for international expertise, business research & innovation, aimed at bringing together students, lecturers, professors and researchers.

The Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is involved in the GREAT Project  Wittenborg University Research Centre and the GREAT Project
The GREAT (Growing Renewable Energy Applications and Technologies) Project is an EU funded
project under the INTERREG IVB NWE Programme.

The project stimulates enterprises, develops innovations and creates employment; creates practices/policies that will help to push the third industrial revolution forward in NWE.

The Research Centre has three main aims:

  • it serves as a platform for researchers associated with the University's programmes; 
  • it aims to provide research and consultancy services to companies and organisations connected to the University;
  • it allows Wittenborg students to become involved in research projects and be exposed to real life academic work.

It is Wittenborg's vision that the development of the university should rest on two pillars: education and research. All activities emanating from this, fall within the ambit of the development of the five schools: School of Business, School of Hospitality Management, School of Art & Technology, School of Health & Social Care, and School of Education.

The centre intends to have meaning for the local economy by doing research and consultancy for companies and other organisations in its surroundings. 

Wittenborg working together with Faculty from the University of BrightonThe research at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is primarily of an applied nature, but by means of a careful coordination and pooling of resources, it must be possible to generate new knowledge that can be published in academic journals.

By involving lecturers and students in the centre, the research will contribute to the build-up of a valuable body of knowledge. Here, three facets can be distinguished:

  • Lecturers can add to the textbook knowledge specialised new knowledge, by which they can enhance their teaching and supervision. The research leads to new knowledge in terms of research skills, fieldwork experience (direct contacts with companies) and new substantive knowledge on business and management.
  • By coordinating students’ research work, the design and content of their papers can be enhanced. By setting up a coherent research programme, contributions of individual students can contribute to a broader knowledge build-up.
  • By facilitating publications (at different academic levels), Wittenborg’s lecturers are offered opportunities to enhance the quality of their work.

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