Radostina Zasheva, MSc

Radostina Zasheva, MSc
Lecturer Hospitality
Country of Origin
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Originally Radostina is from Bulgaria. But the past years Radostina is living in the Netherlands and Bulgaria. She has been working in different companies in the Netherlands. Combining two worlds Radostina Zasheva is part of the Faculty team for our Hospitality program. She is a researcher, writer trainer and lecturer. With her expertise she is able to provide education towards different cultures. She has conducted research in gender specific leisure time between Dutch and Bulgarian Woman


In 2009 Radostina came to the Netherlands to continue with her studies. After receiving a bachelor degree in public administration in Sofia, Bulgaria she continued with her Master degree at Wageningen University. With her master degree  she has gained expertise in the field in a variety of companies like Financieel Dagblad at Amsterdam.
Research at Veldkamp Amsterdam
-participating in social research conducted by Radboud University, Utrecht University and
The Netherlands Institute for Social research
Research at Wageningen University Leisure Through Gendered Lenses: Comparative Analysis of the Leisure Time of Bulgarian and Dutch Women

Expertise / Subjects
Tourism and Economics
Social Science
Gender Education