Pericles Asher Rospigliosi MA

Pericles Asher Rospigliosi MA
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The United Kingdom

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Pericles Asher Rospigliosi, MA, is Principal Lecturer and researcher for Brighton Business School in e-business, digital marketing, and management information systems. He has researched and taught at Brighton Business School since 2001, and has developed successful modules in e-commerce, mobile innovations, big data, and digital marketing. Asher has research interests in the history, impact, and nature of higher education, graduate employability and how graduates might best be served by the university. He is associate editor of the research journal Interactive Learning Environments. He also writes and talks on e-commerce, digital marketing, big data, and digital entrepreneurship. Before joining the University of Brighton, Asher was a project manager at CNet/ZDNet developing commercial e-commerce publishing systems, working with developers across Europe, the USA, and Singapore. He had six years at ZDNet and was a webmaster to a number of successful properties including PC Magazine, The Computer Channel, IT Week and founded Gamespot UK, which won the PPAi consumer web site award in 1999. Away from the Business School Asher is excited by sustainable and low impact living, tipis, and fire. He has been helping keep the fire in the tipi field at Glastonbury Festival since the early nineties.

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Expertise / Subjects
E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Business Analysis, Social Media Marketing, Business Strategy.