Nicolet C.M.Theunissen PhD

Nicolet C.M.Theunissen PhD

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Dr. Nicolet C.M.Theunissen is Head of Wittenborg Research Centre and as such responsible for the strategic research agenda and the monitoring of the overall academic quality at Wittenborg. Her current research interest is Virtues for the 21th century: moral competences and moral development using ubiquitous learning techniques. She is an experienced senior researcher and project-leader, and an expert in quantitative research methodology and questionnaire development. She is affiliated to the Association for Moral Education (AME), Permanent Beta, network for technology, science and arts, the Netherlands Educational Research Association (Dutch: VOR), and the International Society for Self-Directed Learning.


Besides her work at Wittenborg, she is owner of social enterprise Future Life Research and of (, an elearning website for moral development. Formerly, she worked as Chief Scientist 'Training Innovations' at TNO; as lecturer and researcher at Utrecht University and Leiden University; and as researcher at the Netherlands Institute of Health Services Research (NIVEL). She holds a PhD in psychology since 1999. Her main motivation as a senior researcher and lecturer is to stimulate people to take control over their own development. Self-direction and self-management are key factors. She likes to combine scientific disciplines in research projects, because 'innovations are born at the crossroads of disciplines'. She has comprehensive experience with the following combinations of disciplines: Psychology, Education, Instructional Design, Philosophy, Informatics, Medicine, Business, Arts and Music, in an agile mixture of theory and practice. For more information about publications and research:

Expertise / Subjects

Moral Development and Virtues

Self-directed professional learning (didactics and learning technology) and knowledge management;

Qualitative and quantitative research methods (e.g. questionnaire development)

Health Education and Quality of life.