MO11 Management, Leadership and the Organisation

Module Name
Management, Leadership and the Organisation
Module Code
Rauf M.A.
High School Diploma or final certificate, equivalent to the Netherlands HAVO Diploma
The Organisational behaviour of managers and employees is influenced by different factors. The process of management and its influence on organisational behaviour is the main point of our analysis.
  • Define the nature of organisational behaviour
  • Explain the relationship between the management process and organisational behaviour
  • Clarify the importance of the organisational setting and external environment to the process of management
  • Understand the interrelationships between the organisation and its operations, structure and management
  • Define a long term and operational strategy for the organisation based on the organisational goals and SWOT analysis in combined with suitable business ethics
  • Examine leadership as an aspect of behavior, and different styles of leadership;
  • Explain the leadership relationship, and the exercise of leadership power and influence;
  • Examine main theories of motivation and evaluate their relevance to particular work situations;

The Nature of Organisational Behaviour

Approaches to Organisation and Management

Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction

The Nature of Leadership

The Role of the Manager

Managerial Behaviour and Effectiveness

Organisation Strategy and Structure

Patterns of Structure and Work Organisation

Instruction / Study Load

24  Lesson hours
8  Preparation Lesson hours
20  Assignments / Homework hours
20 Exam and exam preparation hours
68 Self-study/ Literature ( Depending on the length and difficulty of the book ) hours

The course uses 420 pages from the book(s) and journal articles where:

  • 350 easy reading and understanding material – 50 hours
  • 90  average reading and understanding material – 18 hours


  • Difficult reading and understanding material – 3 pages per hour
  • Average reading and understanding material – 5 pages per hour
  • Easy reading and understanding  material – 7 pages per hour

Total 140 Hours

IBA Final Qualification Mapping
Mapped with numbers 1, 2, 8, 11, 15 and 18 See the EEG for further reference.
Teaching Language
Teaching Methods
  • Classroom lecturing
  • Case study discussions
  • Feedback and presentation sessions
  • Video and film
  • Discussion sessions
  • Research Papers
Module / Lecture and seminar status
Testing and assessment
Written Examination (1) See the EEG for further reference.
European Credits
Required literature
  • Management and Organisational behaviour, 8th Edition, Laurie J. Mullins, Printice Hall 2007, ISBN 978-0-273-70888-9.