Michael Schindl, PhD

Michael Schindl, PhD

Michael Schindl, PhD

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Michael Schindl, PhD, is a lecturer at New European College, Germany, teaching Change Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Ethics. He holds a doctorate in Law from University of Vienna, Austria, and a Master in Economic Science from Wirtschafts Universität, Vienna. Since 2000, he has been active as founding partner of Schindl Rughase Partners, a consultancy firm specialised in helping companies to grow, innovate and change. 

Michael has international management experience with 12 years as CEO and partner. He has written a book about change, given several keynote speeches and written management articles about strategy, change and related fields. His seven year long support of universities based in Kazakhstan in further developing an academic approach to strategy and change more suited to this country's economic and mental reality than American approaches usually do, earned him a PhD in 2014.