Martin Lens

Martin Lens
Librarian and Invigilator
Country of Origin
Tuesday and Thursday between 10:00 and 14:00 hrs.

Martin Lens is born in 1951 in a village near Amsterdam. Three years ago he moved to Apeldoorn with his wife, because of the beautiful environment. Martin is retiered and works at Wittenborg as a Volunteer. He helps in our Libarary to provide students with books they need for their study and is also an Exam Invigilator.


Martin Lens holds a Bachelor degree (HBS) and after that he finished his masters at University of Amsterdam. He has work experience as a project manager, team manager of a software maintenance team and was a management consultant for a reorganization of an ICT Department. He is retiered now and works as Volunteer.

Expertise / Subjects
ICT implementations
Project Management