Marco Mossinkoff, PhD

Marco Mossinkoff, PhD

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Marco Mossinkoff, PhD, holds a PhD in branding and marketing strategy from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a master's degree in general economics from the same university and a bachelor's degree in mathematics and statistics from the University of Florence in Italy. He is currently associate professor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is also a guest lecturer at Nijenrode Business University, the Netherlands. 

He regularly speaks at events about economics and fashion and advises companies on their channel and branding strategy (Mossinkoff International). Before entering academia, he worked as programme manager for a company that provides leadership and management training (De Baak VNO-NCW), and before that he sold professional mainframes in Southern Europe (Access Graphics) and conducted some independent market research. Marco has contributed as an author to several magazines and conferences in the field of marketing, strategy and information systems. He is a marketing critic for multiple academic journals and a member of a research sub-committee of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI). His current research concerns the use of complex adaptive systems (CAS) and chaos theories in explaining fashion phenomena.