Marc de Jong, MA

Marc de Jong, MA
Lecturer in German
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Marc graduated 1991 with an MA in International Relations & German Language at the University Of Groningen. Specialising in West-German unification policy in the 1980s, He did a traineeship at the German Parliament during the exciting unification process from 1989 to 1990.
As the peaceful East-German revolution resulted in a complete regime and society change, he remained fascinated with its impact on East German political culture and electoral attitudes. With a scholarship from the Germany Institute in Amsterdam, he did a PhD (not completed) on this subject in Berlin and Frankfurt 1997-2001.


Back in 1984, Marc was selected to participate in the wonderful ‘Prämienprogramm’: a four-weeks immersion into modern West-Germany and Berlin, which was then still  divided by the Wall. This spurred his ambition to deepen first-hand knowledge of German affairs and raise the interest of multipliers in them. This dream came true while working as a conference manager from 1995 to 2008: at the European Academy Berlin and the European Youth Education Center in Weimar. The conferences offered teachers, journalists and students significant added-value through lectures, simulation games and scenario-building.
In recent years, he shifted to teaching Business German to professionals at Open Universities and to students in Office Management and Management Assistance. Moreover, He is providing his experience and expertise in internationalisation to the Dutch National Agency of Erasmus+. This involves regular assessing of project bids as well as follow-up reports.
At Wittenborg University, it is his great pleasure to enrich international students with the vibrant and creative German language, culture and society. "My lessons will empower you to discover it yourself! I look forward to your reactions on Facebook/Wittenborg and LinkedIn: "

Expertise / Subjects
German, Business German and Intercultural Communication
Internationalisation in education
Peer-group teaching by adopting activating, non-formal educational methods
German and European Studies (politics, economy, culture)