MA41 Marketing Management

Module Name
Marketing Management
Module Code
Rauf M.A., Juris Ulmanis
Bachelor Degree or equivalent managerial working experience
Marketing is the corporate function which monitors the needs and preferences of a company’s customers as a basis for designing the right kinds of products and services. However, marketing is more than a functional area. It is a philosophy which is a guiding star for the entire organization. Marketing aims at satisfying customers in a way that is profitable to the company. The latter can be done by building up a special relationship with them. After completion of the module you will be able to make a marketing plan. This module discusses the various parts of the marketing plan, such as marketing strategy, marketing objectives and goals, consumer needs, the product, pricing, distribution and sales promotion.
  • Be able to describe and position the marketing function within an organization
  • Evaluate and apply the value proposition inherent in an organization’s strategy
  • Critically evaluate and advise on an organization’s overall marketing strategy based on available mission, corporate objectives and corporate strategy
  • Appreciate and develop an organization’s marketing goals
  • Analyse and appraise an organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyse and instigate in depth an organization’s competitive environment
  • Identify and evaluate an organization’s supply chain (suppliers and distribution channels)
  • Develop and communicate an organization’s marketing tools in the light of its business and marketing strategies
  • Characterize and evaluate an organization’s Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Create and develop a mental and empathic ability to involve ethical judgment criteria to contemplate and shape marketing policies
  • Assess, use and present the Internet and social media as useful tools for an organization’s marketing strategy and policies
  • Defining marketing and the marketing process
  • Understanding the marketplace and consumers (also the new consumer and social media)
  • Strategic marketing planning (including models to execute internal and external audits) and market complexity (e.g. hypercompetition)
  • Designing a customer-driven strategy and mix (including the extended marketing mix)
  • The global marketplace (global trends)
  • Sustainable marketing: Social Responsibility and Ethics
  • Fundamentals of marketing research
Instruction / Study Load
  • 36 Lesson hours
  • 101 Hours of reading literature, completing the handbook and preparation for examination.
  • 3 Examination Hours

Total 140 Hours

IBA Final Qualification Mapping
Mapped with numbers: 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 25 and 26. See the EEG for further reference.
Teaching Language
Teaching Methods
  • Classroom lecturing
  • Case study discussions
  • Video and film
  • Discussion sessions
  • Research Papers
  • Marketing Scenarios
  • Graphic organizers
Module / Lecture and seminar status
Testing and assessment
Note: This is a Semester 1 Module 3 hour closed book Examination during exam week. See the Handbook and the EEG for further reference.
European Credits
Required literature
  • Kotler Ph. and Amstrong G. (2012). Principles of Marketing. Fourteenth Edition. Global Edition. Harlow (UK): Pearson Education Ltd. ISBN13: 978-0-273-75243-1
  • Gilligan C. and Wilson R.M.S. (2009). Strategic Marketing Planning. Second Edition. Paperback. Butterworth-Heinemann. ISBN 978-1-856-17617-0