MA11 Modern Principles of Marketing

Module Name
Modern Principles of Marketing
Module Code
Rauf M.A.
High School Diploma or final certificate, equivalent to the Netherlands HAVO Diploma
This course provides the basic knowledge of marketing theory and its modern, practical application. Topics to be addressed and discussed from an applied point of view include: what is marketing?; the evolution of marketing; basic marketing concepts and strategy; the significance and use of marketing research; strategic marketing – the way of integrating all marketing’s activities; marketing segmentation, product and/or service positioning; the growth of the globalization and e-commerce.
  • Provide the basis for understanding that marketing is a central part of all profit and non-profit organizations in a free enterprise society.
  • Promote the development of managerial competence in marketing so that students may more intelligently serve as members of profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Trace the development of marketing strategies and analyze the current marketing environment, distinguishing between the internal and external environments.
  • Relate the importance of planning and market research to the marketing process.
  • Compare and contrast a consumer market with an organizational market.
  • Analyze a marketing strategy for an existing company.
  • Analyze the growth of the globalization and its significant role and application into the modern strategic marketing concepts
  • Navigate the Web and analyze internet marketing.

Part 1: Marketing Now
Chapter 1:  Marketing
Chapter 2:  Sustainable Marketing: Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chapter 3: Strategic Marketing

Part 2: Markets
Chapter 4:  The Marketing Environment
Chapter 5:  Consumer Markets
Chapter 6:  Business to Business Marketing
Chapter 7:  Marketing Research

Part 3: Core Strategy
Chapter 8:  Relationship Marketing
Chapter 9:  Segmentation and positioning
Chapter 10: Competitive Strategy

Instruction / Study Load

24  Lesson hours

8  Preparation Lesson hours

20 Assignments / Homework hours

20 Exam and exam preparation hours

68 Literature ( Depending on the length and difficulty of the book ) hours

The course uses 476 pages from the book(s) and journal articles where:

  • 476 pages easy reading and understanding material – 68 hours


  • Difficult reading and understanding material – 3 pages per hour
  • Average reading and understanding material – 5 pages per hour
  • Easy reading and understanding  material – 7 pages per hour

Total 140 Hours

IBA Final Qualification Mapping
Mapped with number 1, 4, 6, 17 and 18 See the EEG for further reference.
Teaching Language
Teaching Methods
  • Classroom lecturing
  • Case study discussions
  • Feedback and presentation sessions
  • Video and film
  • Discussion sessions
  • Research Papers
Module / Lecture and seminar status
Testing and assessment
Written Examination (1) See the EEG for further reference.
European Credits
Required literature
  • Principles of Marketing European Edition, 5/e, Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong, John Saunders, Veronica Wong, Prentice Hall; ISBN 978-0273711568
  • Principles of Marketing European Edition, 6th Edition, Philip Kotler; Gary Armstrong;
    Lloyd Harris; Nigel F. Piercy. 978-0-273-74297-5.