From Lawyer to Wittenborg Student

From Lawyer to Student at Wittenborg

Mexican Student wants to Make Career Switch from Criminal Law to Hospitality

For three years Dulce Olivia Cruz Nuñez practised criminal law in Mexico City – this week she returned to being a student - at WUAS to do an MBA in Hospitality & Service Management, starting a fresh chapter in her life. 

Dulce is among more than 100 new students from all over the world starting with their classes at Wittenborg as the new academic year kicks off. 

Leaving her job as a high-flying lawyer to be a student again feels like a big step, so why did she do it? “As a young, female lawyer, I faced quite a lot of sexual harassment by men in powerful positions. Though, I will admit, the job also opened a lot of doors for me.”

Eight years ago she also opened a hostel for foreign travellers in Mexico, which is going well. “I wanted to deepen my knowledge about the hospitality sector, hence my decision to study abroad. And I really love to study. In that way I’m a bit of a nerd!”

Why did she choose to study in the Netherlands? “Leading a sustainable lifestyle seems very important to the Dutch and I like that. Also, life is always busy in Mexico City – there are 11 million people – and I wanted a break from that.”

WUP 18/9/2019
by Anesca Smith
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