Julia Skobeleva PhD

Julia Skobeleva PhD
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Julia Skobeleva, PhD, graduated from the Academy of Postgraduate Education in Cross-Cultural Psychology, focusing on Industrial/Organisational Psychology, Economic Psychology. Julia has 15 years of rigorous teaching experience in the international classroom (8 years in Austrian-accredited universities). Proficient at inspiring students to achieve their best, she is a recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award and has the ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with students of different national and cultural backgrounds, while maintaining impartiality and objectivity. More than 40 students successfully defended their master's theses under her scientific supervision. She is a Member of the Board of Directors, Association of Certified Book-Keepers and Auditors, and has received the Excellence in Leadership Award.

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Expertise / Subjects
Human Resource Management, International Consultancy, Management and Organisational Behaviour, Strategic Marketing.