Joost Vos, PhD

Joost Vos, PhD
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Educated as an industrial Pharmacist, Joost Vos worked in various management functions in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Joost Vos studied Business Administration at IBO Slot Zeist. In 2005 he wrote a book on corporate entrepreneurship and result oriented management. In 2010 he did his PhD at the University of Groningen. His thesis was on multi party collaboration. He performed a single case longitudinal study of a group of entrepreneurial CEO’s who start a collaborative initiative to help improve the lives of vulnerable people in the city of Rotterdam. His thesis unravels the story of these committed people who create a movement for collaboration in chains and networks. They make a difference in the city. He wrote numerous articles and book chapters on the above issues.


Joost Vos (1960) studied Pharmacy at the University of Utrecht. Het worked for ten years at Schwabe Group in the functions of quality and production manager at the plants in Philadelphia (USA) and Alkmaar (Nl).

As of 1999 he works as a Managing Consultant at TNO Management Consultants. In his job he combines strategic advice, research and education. Most of his work is in the public sector and deals with collaboration beyond the borders of organisations. Important clients are in the sectors of care, justice and education. In 2012 he finished a longitudinal study that he performed with a consortium of research partners on the treatment of habitual offenders through collaboration between the care and justice sector. He believes that many of todays complex societal issues can not be solved without the energy and entrepreneurship of professionals who are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ and to take the risk of border crossing behaviour. Organisations should empower their employees to act in a way that is truly helpful for their clients. Organisational structures should be designed to support effective collaboration.

In 1984 Joost Vos worked as a chemistry teacher. As of 2001 Joost is a guest Lecturer at various Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. At Wittenborg Joost Vos is a  Senior Lecturer as of 2013.

Joost Vos is President of the Supervisory Board of PCBO (primary education) and is President of the Church Government of the Grote Kerk Apeldoorn.

Expertise / Subjects
Strategic Management
Corporate Entrepreneurship