Jo-Anne Lester PhD

Jo-Anne Lester PhD
Visiting Lecturer
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The United Kingdom
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Dr Jo-Anne Lester is Principal Lecturer in Tourism Studies. Prior to entering education, she gained considerable operational experience in tour operating and on cruise ships.

Her research interests encompass visuality and tourism, the relationship between travel and photography, visual methodologies including the multisensory nature of the visual, and the consumption of tourist space with a particular interest in popular film as visual data.

Her PhD investigated the architecture of cruise ships and their uniqueness as spaces of both work and leisure as mediated through popular film.

Jo-Anne presently contributes to both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in a range of subjects including: Travel and Visual Culture; Tourism, Landscape and Materiality; Cruise Tourism; and Research Methods.

Expertise / Subjects
Tourism, Landscape and Materiality
Travel and Visual Culture
Cruise Tourism
Research Methods