Jan Hendrik Hoekjen PhD

Jan Hendrik Hoekjen PhD
Country of Origin

The Netherlands

By Appointment

Jan graduated from Universiteit van Groningen, "MA History – Cultural History" in 2012. He obtained his doctoral degree in 2018 from the Universiteit van Utrecht. His dissertation was about ‘Pars melior nostri. The Structure of Spinoza’s Intellect’. (Analysis of the instrumental and structural importance of the notion ‘intellect’ in Spinoza’s metaphysics). He has a broad range of work experience, among which are: Editor, Inside Information (1998 – 2007),Chief Editor, Inside Information (2007-present), Literary Editor, Uitgeverij Gelderland (2010-present), Teacher, Office Academy (2010-present), Education Coordinator, Office Academy (2017-present). He is currently a lecturer at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

  • News and background articles on contract interiors, furniture and design industry, organisation theory and organisational ethics. Inside Information (1998-present).
  • Articles for various magazines and websites, among which Duurzaam Gebouwd (sustainability and built environment), FMT (healthcare), Skipr (healthcare and policy), Intermediair (ghostwriter for columns on HR-issues).
  • Architectenboek I-XIII (2003-2010), a series of book publications on Dutch architecture.
  • Filosowie? (2011), a book on the history of philosophy, for children.
  • Zin en Onzin van LED (2013 – together with Egbert Keen), Professional publication on the technical specifications of LED-lighting.
Expertise / Subjects
Editor Inside Information, Chief Editor, Literary Editor, Education Coordinator.