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Dr. Bowen has been involved as a volunteer is several committees and agencies. His volunteer work includes being a member of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance’s (CATA) governing council and the initiator and leader of CATA’s Action Committee on Entrepreneurship and the City of Ottawa’s technology industry development agency’s (OCRI) Innovation Leadership Team. He wrote, for three years, the monthly theme article discussing the technology industry and its management issues for Ottawa’s technology industry newspaper NationalCapitalScan. His technology expertise is welcomed by both companies and investors and he regularly provides advice to business within the technology industry. He is the inventor of an archaeological artifact locator using infrared and ultrasonic, a task management system and an underwater localization device using passive sonar. He is associated with two start-up incubators: Exploriem and Hatchbrands. At Wittenborg he is, among other things, responsible for the development of Simulation Games and Online Programmes.


At age 21 and while still in undergraduate university James co-founded a software company. Over the next 20 years he and his co-founders build an international client base. Dr. Bowen has been interviewed on the internet, radio, magazine, T.V. and newspaper. He was the sole author of two books discussing the creation and growth of high-tech product companies. He is the originator of the Entrepreneurial Effect Award for student entrepreneurs.

He is associated with 8 universities including 3 in Europe where he teaches MBAs technology, entrepreneurship and strategy. In total he has taught at 10 universities to over 5000 students in less than a decade.

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