FN43 Financial and Risk Management

Module Name
Financial and Risk Management
Module Code
Jan Willem van der Linden
Phase 1 related modules (FN) or equivalent
The course is designed to equip the students with information and knowledge of sophisticated financial systems in modern companies and basic concepts of modeling, measuring and managing financial risks.
  • Identify and discuss possible objectives and the role of the finance function for a business.
  • Understand and produce complex financial information within a company
  • Explain the agency problem faced by owners of a business and discuss how this problem may be either prevented or minimised.
  • Understand the link between financial reports and financial predictions within an organization
  • Able to analyse, present and use financial data in decision making and influencing situations
  • Evaluate different capital structure options available to a business.
  • Identify the likely winners and losers from takeover activity.
  • Outline the tactics that may be used to defend against a hostile bid.

Introduction to financial management
Making capital investment decisions
The cost of capital and the capital structure decision
Developing a Dividend policy
Measuring and Managing Shareholder value
Mergers, takeovers and the valuation of shares
Fundamentals of risk management
Additional topics in risk management

Instruction / Study Load

24  Lesson hours
8  Preparation Lesson hours
20 Assignments / Homework hours
20 Exam and exam preparation hours
68 Self Study / Literature ( Depending on the length and difficulty of the book ) hours

The course uses 746 pages from the book(s) and journal articles where

  • 476 pages easy reading and understanding material – 46 hours


  • Difficult reading and understanding material – 3 pages per hour
  • Average reading and understanding material – 5 pages per hour
  • Easy reading and understanding  material – 7 pages per hour

Total 140 Hours

IBA Final Qualification Mapping
Mapped with numbers 1,13, 16 and 18 See the EEG for further reference.
Teaching Language
Teaching Methods
  • Classroom lecturing
  • Case study discussions
  • Feedback and presentation sessions
  • Interviews and debates
  • Video and film
  • Discussion sessions
  • Research Papers
  • Coaching and tutoring
Module / Lecture and seminar status
Testing and assessment
Written Examination (1) See the EEG for further reference.
European Credits
Required literature
  • Financial Management for decision makers. 4th edition Atrill. Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-273-70249-1
  • Principles of risk management and insurance, George E. Redja, Pearson Higher Education ISBN-10: 0273765086, ISBN-13: 9780273765080