Esther Bakker-Gitonga MSc

Esther Bakker-Gitonga
Researcher and Lecturer: Head of the School of Hospitality
Country of Origin
By appointment

Esther grew up in a small village in the beautiful slopes of Mount Kenya. Since a tender age she wondered if all people in the world were the same and if they ate what she ate, among other things. She dreamt of travelling and meeting people of different cultures when she was grown up. Following her interests, she chose to study Tourism and Hospitality at a university in Kenya. She later travelled for a master's study in Tourism to the Netherlands. As an international student, she interacted with people from various countries. She is still fascinated about travel. She has travelled extensively around Europe. 


Esther has a master’s degree in Leisure Tourism and Environment Management from Wageningen University. After graduating with honours in Hospitality & Tourism Management at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Esther worked as a restaurant supervisor, consulted in hospitality start-ups, and has worked in higher education both in Kenya and the Netherlands. She is currently preparing for her PhD in exploring climate change adaptation options for marginalised, tourism-dependent communities in Africa.

Expertise / Subjects
Sustainable Tourism & Research
Tourism Management
Hospitality Management