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As a truly entrepreneurial business school, Wittenborg University's School of Business has developed its own unique programme, Entrepreneurial Business Administration (EBA) which takes its roots from the International Business Administration (IBA/NVAO-accredited) programme and the specialisation (minor) Entrepreneurship & Small Business.

This Bachelor IBA programme is offered at our central Amsterdam campus! A full programme overview is to be found here: http://www.wittenborg.eu/iba-bachelor-entrepreneurship-small-business.htm

The programme is additionally accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (see Benefits of FIBAA Accrediation) as 'Entrepreneurial Business Administration'. 

The Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Business Administration programme (EBA) aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop their innovative and entrepreneurial skills alongside the knowledge and competencies learned in a broad business administration programme. The programme aims to stimulate communication skills in a multicultural and multilingual environment and develop qualities of leadership to the extent that business graduates can either feel confident to start their own business ventures, or find employment supporting new business and innovative projects within existing organisations.

The programme focuses on two main groups: students worldwide who are looking for a BBA with the accent on entrepreneurial business, and Dutch students who have an international background/outlook and want a BBA with the accent on entrepreneurial business. Wittenborg also seeks to attract young entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and employees within corporations who are aiming to qualify further through an entrepreneurship-focused BBA programme.

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