Daphne Xin Wang

Daphne Xin Wang
Financial Administrator
Country of Origin
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

In 1996 Daphne came to the Netherlands to study Economics at Saxion Hogeschool. After graduation she worked in different companies as financial administration employee. For example: account receivable, account payable, booking of the bank statements and make financial reports to the managers. Until now she has built up a lot of experience in finance areas. 


Daphne Xin Wang is born and raised in Beijing, China. She grew up in an average family in Beijing with 3 children. She has done the VWO opleiding in Beijing No. 55 middelschool, a key school in east part of Beijing. Later on, she has done a 4 years education Pedagogic in Beijing Capital University of Foreign Languages. In 1996, I came to The Netherlands to study, first of all I have done an accelerated course of Dutch Language. In 1997 I began my HBO education Business Economics in Saxion University for 4 years. After graduation, I have worked in different Dutch companies and institutions. For example: Ekro Van Drie Group (Specializes in veal. Ekro slaughers and processes over 350,000 calves every year) is the largest veal producer in the world and Cadastre in Apeldoorn.   

Expertise / Subjects
Analyse of Financial Information
Account Payable
Work in Account Receivable
Booking of Bank Statements
Financial Operational Works
Financial areas
Financial Reports