Christine Kalibbala MSc

Christine Kalibbala MSc
Country of Origin

South Africa

By appointment

Christine Kalibbala MSc, graduated from Maastricht University in International Law and Globalisation. She is experienced in Legal and Regulatory Analysing, and dealing with various trends in international law, and how content can be developed to meet customer needs, digitalisation of products, and research in respect of cross-border legal issues, liaising with product developers and fellow lawyers with a view to establishing key products necessary for legal practitioners, research from both the perspective of litigators and prosecutors. She also lectures first- and third-year students on issues pertaining to EU law including competition law, intellectual property, international sale of goods, Rome and Brussels, dispute resolution mechanisms, litigation, international public affairs, and stakeholder management.

Expertise / Subjects
International Labour Relations, Enterprise Formation, International Law in Business & Commerce.