Chris Dutton

Chris Dutton
Visiting Lecturer
Country of Origin
The United Kingdom
By appointment

Chris Dutton spent 12 years gaining retail management experience with J. Sainsbury PLC which included a number of years as a Store Manager.                                                                                                                                                                                     


Chris Dutton has been with the University of Brighton since 1995 when he established the schools retail marketing and management degree programme.

Chris is an Assistant Head of School: Business and International Relations focusing on the School’s economic and social engagement as well as national, European and international partnerships. Chris has successfully bid for a number of prestigious grants including Interreg 111a and three Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, one of which focused on the retail outlets of Rick Stein. He has recently turned his attention to the charity retail sector with a successful KTP application to work with St Wilrid’s Hospice. Other research has included work for the Institute of Customer Service, Siemens and numerous small enterprises.

Expertise / Subjects
Retail operations
Retail marketing
Customer service
Service quality