Carol Tarr

Carol Tarr
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Carol is born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She has lived and studied in Kyoto, Japan; Auckland, NZ and Bahia, Brazil and Amsterdam since 1997. She speaks English, Dutch, Portuguese and some Japanese.


High school graduation from Kenwood Academy in Chicago, Illinois. B.A. from Wesleyan University in East Asian Studies and Religious Studies. M.T.S. from Harvard University in World Religions, specializing in East Asian traditions (specifically China and Japan.) PhD Candidate (ABD) in History of Religions at University of Chicago with emphasis on explaining religious phenomena through Social Science. Worked extensively on translating 19th Century Qing Dynasty documents from China related to rebellions and social unrest, ethnographic dissertation “Resistance in ‘Missa Afro’: African elements in Brazilian churches”. Experienced entrepreneur in spice trade business with personal interest in food industry socio-environmental labelling claims i.e. sustainable, organic, fair trade and local and the “bewust” or informed consumer.

Expertise / Subjects
Latin America
East Asia
Food Labeling Issues
Social Sciences
United States