BL22 New Business Environment

Module Name
New Business Environment
Module Code
High School Diploma or Final Certificate, equivalent to the Netherlands HAVO Diploma
This module guide offers a comprehensive introduction to the global environment that businesses operate in today. It addresses the key issues and institutions within economic, political and legal frameworks, as well as the impacts of social, cultural, technological and environmental developments. Responding to an increasingly international business environment, the book offers a truly global perspective and broad and discursive coverage of the external environment that businesses operate in today.
  • Recognize the number of interrelated environmental forces  that act upon organisations
  • Identify the nature and complexity of the competitive environment to determine how its dynamic nature and structure affects both the level of competition that an organization faces and the future profitability of organisations
  • Explore the four main macroeconomic goals of employment, economic growth, low inflation, and the balance of trade; consider the changes in government priorities within the international macroeconomic environment in recent decades
  • Define technology and draw distinction between knowledge and innovation
  • Understand the aspects of the dynamic and multi-faceted social environment – national culture, ethics, demographic restructuring and various social changes
  • Examine the key political issues and the potential impact of governments and international bodies on organisations
  • Understand how and why the businesses of the twenty-first century operate at a global level and are becoming  increasingly involved in internet-based trading

The international business environment

  • the environmental forces
  • the organization
  • forecasting
  • environmental analyses and strategic processes

The competitive environment

  • the traditional economic view
  • markets for goods and services
  • contestable markets
  • structural analyses of competitive forces
  • competitor analyses

The international economic environment

  • macroeconomic accounts and goals
  • economic growth
  • inflation
  • the role of the government in the company
  • employment
  • international trade
  • Europe as one

The technological environment

  • the importance of technology
  • funding of research and development in industrial countries
  • general technologies
  • technology and organizations
  • technology management
  • change and society

The international cultural, demographic and social environment

  • the national cultural environment
  • the demographic environment
  • patterns of population change
  • social dynamics

The ecological environment

  • impact of the marketplace on the ecological environment and economic perspective
  • market forces and the environment
  • measures available to limit externalities
  • government regulations and different geo-political scales
  • organizational agendas
  • the consumer position

The international political environment

  • the impact of political decisions at different geo-political scales
  • the nation state
  • change of attitudes to the role of the government
  • beyond the nation state
  • political risks and international business

The legal environment

  • the legal environment
  • need for law and morality
  • sources of European law
  • European Institutions
  • laws affecting businesses
  • codes of conduct
  • whistle blowing
  • stakeholders
  • multinationals
  • the internet, businesses and security

Challenges and changes

  • Changes of the international business environment
  • The nature of business environment
  • Implications ( organizations, individuals, groups, government)
Instruction / Study Load

24  Lesson hours

8  Preparation Lesson hours

15 Assignments / Homework hours

20 Exam and exam preparation hours

45 Literature ( Depending on the length and difficulty of the book ) hours

The course uses 250 pages from the book(s) and journal articles where

  • 250 pages easy reading and understanding material –45 hours


  • Difficult reading and understanding material – 3 pages per hour
  • Average reading and understanding material – 5 pages per hour
  • Easy reading and understanding  material – 7 pages per hour

Total 112 Hours

IBA Final Qualification Mapping
Mapped with numbers 1,2,6,8,11,12,13 and 18 See the EEG for further reference.
Teaching Language
Teaching Methods
  • Classroom lecturing
  • Case study discussions
  • Feedback and presentation sessions
  • Interviews and debates
  • Video and film
  • Discussion sessions
  • Research Papers
  • Coaching and tutoring
Module / Lecture and seminar status
Testing and assessment
Written Examination (1) See the EEG for further reference.
European Credits
Required literature
The International Business Environment, Jamie Weatherston, Ian Brooks c.s., ISBN 978-0-273-72566-4, Pearson Books, Prentice Hall
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