Ben Prins

Ben Prins
Business Development Advisor
Country of Origin
By Appointment Only

Ben Prins has years of experience in middle and higher management in various branches in the Netherlands and abroad. His network covers industries such as manufacturing, packaging, food, metal, automotive, hospitality, event, tourism, robotics, and many more. Creation of business opportunities by working with branch organisations/platforms is one of his main business development specialisations.  


Next to being a business opportunity generator, Ben Prins has also always been involved as a higher educationalist, being a part time lecturer, a final year bachelor advisor on graduation assignment, member of different accreditation committee on other Dutch universities.

Ben Prins is appointed as Wittenborg’s first Business Development Advisor, aiming at linking Wittenborg to partners in different branch of industry to develop educational programmes that meet the future requirement of the employer. Wittenborg will further develop into a broad university with focus on sustainability and management.

Ben Prins will be representing Wittenborg at different branch organisations, network events, industry related platforms and other occasions. 

Expertise / Subjects
Business Development
Cross-Branch Business Networking
Strategic Advice