Wittenborg to Open Campus in Vienna in September 2017

In its first transnational move, the management of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (WUAS) has announced it will open a new study location in the heart of Vienna, the capital of Austria, in September, 2017. In this endeavour it will partner with one of the oldest vocational schools in Austria, EWS (Europa-Wirtschaftsschulen Wien).

Wittenborg has expanded rapidly over the past 6 years, last year opening a second facility in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn as part of the Spoorstraat Higher Education Campus, as well as a location in the capital Amsterdam. Wittenborg has many education partners in Europe, most notably its main partner, the University of Brighton in the UK. The Wittenborg Vienna Campus will be its first international branch.

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Guaranteed international classroom and possibility to study in two different countries -a semester abroad has never been easier!

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has partnered with EWS – a local Business School in Vienna, and will be developing its new campus at EWS, located on Liechtensteinstraße 3, in the centre of Vienna.

Maggie Feng and Ingeborg Kühling-Garfield at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Apeldoorn


Study a Bachelor's business degree or a Master of International Business Administration at our Vienna campus. The programmes are fully modular and have a rolling intake, 6 times a year. As the programmes are offered simultaneously at the Vienna campus and the Apeldoorn campus in the Netherlands, students can easily spend a semester or two studying abroad.

Guaranteed international classroom and possibility to study in two different countries!

“Wittenborg’s students have the unique opportunity to spend part of their studies in Austria and part in the Netherlands – a semester abroad has never been easier!”

International Hospitality Management

With its UK partner, Wittenborg offeres a unique double degree in international hospitality management, the programme allows students to study a year in the Netherlands, a year in Austria and a semester at the University of Brighton campus in Eastbourne, before returning to either Vienna or Apeldoorn.

"The coordinator of Wittenborg's School of Hospitality, Esther Gitonga, also announced in the meeting that Vienna will be added as an optional study destination for Wittenborg's hospitality students doing the so-called EuroBA programme that allows them to study in different countries. Gitonga said that although the programme's content will remain the same, the choice of location will be modified to include Vienna. Students will also still obtain a double degree, one from Wittenborg and one from the University of Brighton in the UK, upon graduation."

Europa-Wirtschaftsschulen (EWS) is located in the picturesque city centre of Vienna, near Schottentor (U 2 subway), the Votive Church and the University of Vienna.

Europa-Wirtschaftsschulen GmbH (EWS)
Liechtensteinstraße 3, A-1090 Vienna