Personal Development – reestablishing a sense of connectedness.

Most of us, at some time or another, have heard it expressed in either the spoken or written form; however, we then carry on with our day to day issues and soon all is forgotten and one gets back to normal, in a way!  We may even stop a moment to think of it, but many will still view it as balderdash (nonsense – for the non-English!) and go their merry way. Indeed, this message has been relegated for so long to the domains of eccentrics, fakirs, ash-smeared sadhus, whirling dervishes, shamans and medicine-men, swamis, rishis, some real priests, hippies, Greenpeace and environmentalists, and the whole gamut of the New Age movement. Nevertheless, these groups still proclaim it loudly to this day.

 Daniel O'Connell (Left) Head of Wittenborg University's Persmal Development

Those who mainly argue against the above-mentioned groups are offspring to a science that dominated society into the last 20th century. This science – Newton’s Mechanistic Model – essentially stated that all matter, including mankind, are separate and have no intrinsic influence upon each other. Although this is an over-simplification on this issue, and, Newton’s model is apt for physical sciences, this view has been proven as inadequate on the deeper levels.

If you took an electron microscope to your hand, you would journey past skin, bone, tissue, cells, and molecules, and arrive at the atomic level where hydrogen, carbon, oxygen etc. are constantly vibrating. Now you journey down into the sub-atomic levels and the last vestiges of matter dissolves into a sea of energy with perturbations/disturbances that hint at possible form manifestation. Where is your hand in relation to this?

Take an electron microscope to any form, and you will arrive at that same sea of energy. Why is this important? It goes back to my reference to a message at the beginning of this brief article, and that message states: we are all connected.

Again, why is this connectedness important? From this writer’s perspective, there is a discord that lurks in society and it reveals itself as powerlessness, isolation, lack of purpose, lack of self-worth and value. These states are directly linked to the long process that we are separate from one another.

We are not. The implications for this on personal and global development are truly vast, and are already making slow, but steady, inroads into society’s thinking. In the past, words from some wise man may have uttered something like the following: “Look at these worlds spinning out of nothingness – That is within your power (Rumi). Nowadays, we can have physicists who are more than likely to now utter phrases of: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them (Einstein).”

 (to be continued) 

WUP 22/9/2013

by Daniel O'Connell

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Daniel O'Connell

Daniel O’Connell, originally from the west coast of Ireland, has been a student tutor at Wittenborg University since 2004. He often writes articles about his experiences with international students from around the globe and is head of the PDP and Academic English department at Wittenborg.